Employee Testimonials

Wyatt K. Wyatt

I graduated from University with a Master’s of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies. My studies helped me understand the natural environment but I felt I needed more exposure to the working environment. I came to IFS wanting that experience and have not been disappointed. My questions are always answered and the wealth of knowledge in these walls are bar none. Even looking back on the hard days of pulling snowmobiles out of the ditch and getting soaked in the rain are fond memories. There’s never a dull moment with the crew. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working my way up from operational forestry to the planning department. The hard work you put in pays off in the end and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead for me and the IFS family.

Katie E. Katie

I graduated from university with a degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, and a background in environmental planning and policy. Much of my experience with natural resource management was research-based, and when I started with IFS, I was looking to get my boots muddy. I wanted to understand more aspects of the regulations and operational procedures of forestry in BC, and broaden my understanding of the province’s natural resource sector. In a short time, IFS has provided me with extensive field training and professional development, and I have had the opportunity to work with some remarkably knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. This job has provided me the platform to build on my experience by branching out and developing skills beyond my background, as well as work on additional projects of interest. Each day is a new adventure in the operational forestry department. I look forward to continuing to diversify my knowledge and skillset, and to work and learn alongside the IFS team.

Paul S. Paul

After graduating from a university in Ontario with an Arts degree and a minor in Biology, I was still undecided about what career path I wanted to take. So, I moved out west and took on a summer position at IFS in the Spring of 1995. Having always loved nature and the outdoors, it was a dream job as I felt as if I was getting paid to hike. I quickly began to realize that this job was not just about being in the outdoors, it was also about learning new things … and the amount of learning was intense. To be a well-rounded forestry worker, I didn’t just need to know my trees, I needed to know the plants, the animals, the soils, and everything else that calls the forest home. I needed to learn about surveying, engineering, ecology, botany, forest economics, resource management, First Nations, etc, etc, etc. I would take borrowed text books into the field with me and would apply them directly to the work I was doing. I would query my co-workers and supervisors daily. I would utilize all of the intellectual resources that IFS had to offer, which is a lot, and from this I found a new career path that I wanted to follow. Not only is it physically demanding, but intellectually motivating and rewarding as well. After 24 years working at IFS, I am still learning new skills and I can honestly say I have never been bored at work. The diversity of jobs that I have done is immense. I’ve seen all the remote corners of Western Canada and have had countless of exciting adventures along the way. Currently, I am a Senior Project Supervisor and part of my responsibility is relaying that knowledge, that was passed on to me from my early supervisors, to new recruits so they may become well-rounded forestry workers as well.

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