We offer our clients turnkey software products that empower organizations to assess the quantity and value of their forest assets. For those clients not interested in learning new software programs, or are only interested in the occasional assessment, our services extend to data entry, validation and professional analysis of timber cruise compilations and stumpage appraisals.

Our Cruise Comp software program is endorsed by the BC Ministry of Forests for compiling interior and coastal merchantable stand volumes. Our BC interior stumpage appraisal program provides forest licensees a check against the results of the government’s calculated stumpage charges, is used as a planning tool, and enables estimates for stumpage to be determined before a formal cutting permit submission to government is made.


Interior Stumpage Appraisal

The appraisal program was designed to emulate stumpage calculations done by the Ministry of Forests. Given the same input, this program will predict stumpage rates to within a few cents of the government’s calculations.

The data input screens for the program are (loosely) modeled after the Ministry's ECAS system, and are easily filled out by anyone familiar with the Interior Appraisal Manual.

The Interior Stumpage Appraisal Program will run on any PC capable of running Microsoft XP (or higher, 32 or 64 bit).

Please contact us for pricing, or a more detailed description of the program.

Cruise Compilation Program

The timber cruise compilation program will produce all of the reports required by the Ministry of Forests, as well as a number of optional summaries and program enhancements to bolster your findings. The program is specifically designed to meet all of the governments reporting specifications.

Visit the CruiseComp website for more information.

Contact us for pricing, or a more detailed description of the program.

Support Services

IFS offers the following general support services:

  • General compilation services
  • Cruise design
  • Custom timber cruising to estimate timber value
  • Customize compilations on lumber recovery and log value
  • Cruising and compilations training seminars
  • Stumpage calculation reports
  • Stumpage forecasting
  • Stumpage appraisals

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