Ness Lake Forest Nursery

The IFS Ness Lake Forest Nursery was established in 1980. Located approximately 25 kilometres northwest of Prince George the nursery produces reliable, high-yield forest seedlings to pre-defined specifications for reforestation.

We custom-grow under contract spruce, lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, balsam fir, aspen and birch for spring and summer planting. We have highly-experienced and knowledgeable staff that have been in the nursery business for over 30 years.

The nursery includes 110 free-standing greenhouses, 20 hectares of transplant beds, on-site cold storage buildings for up to 90,000 boxes and 5 acres in Christmas tree and ornamental production.

IFS specializes in container-grown seedling products of PSB/PCT 512A, 415D, 412A, 415B, 412B, 410, 313B, 313A, and 211A stock types. The seedlings are grown in environmentally-monitored, computer-controlled structures covering 53,000 square metres of greenhouse space.

Support equipment includes:

  • An automatic precision sowing (seeding) line with a maximum capacity of 5,000 containers per shift.
  • Four deep wells supplying pathogen free water to covered reservoirs for automated greenhouse irrigation and a lake supplying water for field transplant beds.
  • Five sites with injectors for liquid fertilizer application.
  • A laboratory for testing pH and electro-conductivity of water and growing media.
  • Computer system providing environmental control in all facilities with 24 hour data logging and 24 hour monitoring for alarms.
  • Supplement lighting in all greenhouses to provide extended photoperiods in the production of secondary needles in pine seedlings and to prevent premature bud set in other conifer species.
  • Blackout systems for the production of uniform spruce and Douglas fir crops.
  • Lifting lines sorting and packaging up to 400,000 seedlings per shift at exact morphological standards.
  • Computerized environmental control systems within several cold storage buildings.

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